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Overview of 2016 Safety and Security Situation

Article Date:
9 Feb 2017

‚ÄčThe Ministry of Home Affairs has released an overview report of Singapore's safety and security situation for 2016 yesterday. Singapore continued to be a safe and secure home for all. According to its latest press release, crime remains low and overall crime rate has fallen but online scams and the number of new drug users remain on the rise.

The Home Team, in partnership with other Government agencies, will continue to do its best to detect, prevent and respond to a terror attack. However, the Government's efforts alone are not enough. We need the community to be alert and prepared. Everyone can play a part to look out for suspicious behaviours or items. Should an attack happen, Singaporeans need to be able to stay united and rebound quickly together. We must not let terrorists divide our society or disrupt our way of life.

SGSecure was launched on 24 September 2016 as a call to action for the community to help prevent and deal with a terrorist attack. We aim to have at least one Prepared Citizen in every household.

We have reached out to more than 34,000 households to help them learn how to protect themselves and their families, and how to recognise and report suspicious behaviour or items.

Eight revamped Emergency Preparedness (EP) Days were held to sensitise residents to the reality of a terror attack, and equip them with knowledge and skills in CPR-AED and first aid. Three Crisis Response Exercises were also conducted for Grassroots Leaders to enhance their emergency preparedness and response to terror incidents.

Through the SCDF's Save-a-Life initiative, which was piloted in six constituencies, about 2,000 residents have received training in life-saving skills. In addition, more than 350 AEDs have been installed at the lift lobbies of HDB blocks.

We launched the SGSecure mobile app to allow members of the public to receive alerts during major emergencies, seek assistance or provide information to the authorities, and access e-learning for information and skills to protect themselves and others. To date, more than 210,000 mobile devices have the SGSecure app.

The Home Team has also worked with MOE to spread the SGSecure message in schools. From May 2016 to date, we have reached out to 40 secondary schools through the SGSecure mobile exhibition and school assembly talks. A customised SGSecure-oriented learning resource for our primary schools has also been produced for roll-out in 2017.   

The Home Team and our partners will intensify the SGSecure outreach efforts. We can keep Singapore safe by "Staying Alert, Staying United, and Staying Strong". 

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SGSecure App
Download the SGSecure app to receive important alerts during major emergencies. It will also allow you to seek assistance and provide information to the authorities.

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