• Visit the SGSecure Roadshow at Ang Mo Kio Central!
    Visit the SGSecure Roadshow at Ang Mo Kio Central!
    Visit the next SGSecure Roadshow at Ang Mo Kio Central, 11-13 October 2019. 
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  • Be an SGSecure Responder Today!
    Be an SGSecure Responder Today!
    Find out how you can step forward to help during an emergency. 
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    Register your SGSecure Rep today!
    The SGSecure@Workplaces programme helps equip workplaces with knowledge and capabilities to deal with terror attacks. Get started by appointing your SGSecure rep with the Ministry of Manpower today!
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    SGSecure App
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  • Run, Hide, Tell
    Run, Hide, Tell
    Know what to do in the event of a firearms or weapons attack.
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  • Improvised First Aid Skills
    Improvised First Aid Skills
    Learn how to use everyday items to stop excessive bleeding during medical emergencies.
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Be Prepared. Our Response Matters.

Alert: Global terrorism is on the rise

Global terrorism is on the rise and Singapore is facing our highest level of terror threat in recent years. A terror attack is not a matter of if but when, and we cannot afford to remain complacent.

The Home Team has been stepping up our fight against terrorism and more resources have been committed to strengthening our security forces. But the Government's effort alone is not enough. To safeguard our way of life, everyone has to play a part.

The SGSecure national movement is Singapore's community response to the threat of terror. It aims to sensitise, train, and mobilise our community to prevent and deal with a terror attack.

Every one of us can do our part by doing the following:
Stay Alert:  Community Vigilance

Stay Alert (Community Vigilance)

Keep a look out for and report any security threat.

Remain vigilant after an attack.

Stay United:  Community Cohesion

Stay United (Community Cohesion)

Build stronger community ties and safeguard Singapore's racial and religious harmony.

Stand together both in peacetime and after an attack.

Stay Strong:  Community Resilience

Stay Strong (Community Resilience)

Learn how to protect ourselves and those around us if caught in an attack.

Help each other to bounce back quickly after any incident.

Be Vigilant

Look out for articles left unattended in public places, especially those with the following characteristics:

  • Have excessive usage of securing materials
  • Have stains or discolouration and/ or emit an unusual odour
  • Have wires sticking out

Look out for persons showing suspicious behaviours and characteristics:

  • Wearing bulky or oversized attire that may conceal hidden objects
  • Placing an object or parcel in a crowded area and departing immediately
  • Attempting to hide/disguise their identity
  • Loitering for an extended period of time at one location
  • Taking photos or doing video recordings of security features
  • Asking specific questions concerning the security of a place or an individual without a reasonable explanation

Also look out for signs of radicalisation from those around you:

  • Expressing the belief that violence is justified
  • Idolising, showing support or sympathising with terrorists and their causes
  • Trying to influence others to support terrorism and/or participate in terrorist activity
  • Displaying insignia or symbols in support of terrorist groups

Look out for suspicious vehicles:

  • Commercial or heavy vehicles being operated erratically, at unusual times or in unusual locations, particularly near crowded areas
  • Vehicles circling an area repeatedly, or on different occasions
  • Any vehicle abandoned abruptly by the driver
  • Overly weighted vehicles with sunken tires and suspensions
  • Vehicles with foreign objects attached

How to report suspicious activities or behaviour?

Report suspicious activities or behaviour If you have any information about suspicious activity or behaviour:
  • Call the Police at 999
  • SMS 71999 if you can’t talk
  • You can also submit information to the Police via the SGSecure mobile app

Provide clear descriptions to the Police.

Those with information on a person who may be radicalised can also contact the ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre hotline at 1800-2626-473.

In the event of an attack

"Run, Hide, Tell"


  • Move quickly and quietly away from danger using the safest route
  • Do not surrender or attempt to negotiate


  • Stay out of sight, be quiet and switch your phone to silent mode
  • Lock yourself in and stay away from the doors


  • Provide information to the Police by calling 999, SMSing 71999 or using the SGSecure App
  • Provide details about the attackers and their location

Improvised First Aid - "Press, Tie, Tell"

While hiding from danger, if you encounter any casualty who is bleeding profusely, you should carry out Improvised First Aid Skills:

  • Press directly on the wound to stop the bleeding using items such as a handkerchief or cloth.

  • If pressing does not stop the bleeding, tie above the wound using items such as a neck tie, belt or sling of a bag to stop any excessive bleeding.

  • Tell the SCDF Emergency Responders about the injury and the time when you tied the wound.
After a terror attack

Keep calm

Find out the latest information and advisories from official sources

Do not speculate or spread rumours

Do not post or share videos or photos which may create panic or cause disharmony

Care for others

Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to bounce back and return to their daily activities as soon as possible