Participating in SGSecure

How can I be involved in the SGSecure movement?

You can play your part in the SGSecure movement by:

  • Staying Alert – Be vigilant and look out for suspicious objects, persons or behaviour. Call 999 or SMS 71999, or submit a report through the SGSecure app if you see anything suspicious
  • Staying Strong – Familiarise yourself with the “Run, Hide, Tell” and Improvised First Aid Skills “Press, Tie, Tell” advisories on what to do in a terror attack. Share these advisories with your family and friends, and help those around you if you can in times of need.
  • Staying United – Take the effort to bond with those around you, treat each other with trust and respect, and ensure that we are not driven apart by the terror threat.

To find out more about what you can do, you can start by completing the SGSecure e-Learning module, at https://www.sgsecure.sg/e-learning 

We also encourage you to participate in our outreach activities to learn more. Find out more at https://www.sgsecure.sg/our-response-matters

For those who are keen to take on a hands-on role, you can pick up first-aid skills and volunteer in your community.

Are there any programmes I can join to pick up emergency preparedness skills?

SCDF has a free Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) that covers skills such as First Aid, CPR, and Fire Fighting.

More details can be found at the SCDF's website:

How can I go about volunteering and contributing to the SGSecure movement?

You can consider joining PA's volunteer schemes in emergency preparedness by registering your interest at the PA website:

For organisations which are keen to contribute to SGSecure, please contact MHA at the following webpage:

Where can I obtain copies of SGSecure posters and advisories?

Soft copies of SGSecure advisories and publications are available in the 'Resources' section of the SGSecure website, at https://www.sgsecure.sg/resources

SGSecure Mobile Application

How do I access SGSecure e-learning materials through the SGSecure app?

You can access the SGSecure interactive e-Learning module by selecting "Get Ready" under the "Be Prepared" tab of the SGSecure app (the right-most icon in the top navigation bar). You can then launch the e-Learning module by following the link.

As the e-Learning module includes multimedia content, the file size is large and we recommend that you do not launch the e-Learning over a mobile connection to avoid data charges.

Once you have completed the e-Learning module, follow the link to register your completion.

How do I sign up for Community Alert Service?

You will be able to subscribe to the Community Alert Service (CAS) after completing the SGSecure e-learning by checking the CAS subscription box when registering your completion. 

Why are we receiving alerts about terrorist attacks happening overseas through the SGSecure app?

Alerts sent via the SGSecure App on overseas terrorist attacks alert users to incidents occurring both in Singapore and in popular travel destinations for Singaporeans so that app users can take appropriate action to ensure their safety.

These alerts also help to sensitise our people to the escalating threat of terror around the world, so that more people will be encouraged to come forward and prepare themselves.

How to turn off SGSecure app alerts?

To unsubscribe from receiving the alerts, you can also go to the "Subscribe" option under the "Alerts" tab, and uncheck the types of alerts that you do not wish to receive.

However, we encourage users to enable the alert function on the SGSecure App. This will ensure that you receive timely updates, especially during local crises, to inform you of the threat around us and help you stay out of harm's way.

SGSecure House Visits

My family received a house visit from police officers who shared with us about the SGSecure movement. Are these visits real?

Officers from the Police and SCDF are conducting house visits to share SGSecure messages and advisories to help prepare residents to prevent and deal with terror attacks.

Officers conducting SGSecure house visits will be dressed in their full uniform, or in white polo T-Shirts with the SPF logo and blue pants. You can also ask to check their identification if you are not unsure if they are Police or SCDF officers.

Why did officers conducting the SGSecure visit request for my NRIC number?
As part of our engagement process, the officers will ask for residents’ particulars at the end of the visit for record purposes. If residents are uncomfortable divulging their particulars to officers, they may choose not to do so.

Other FAQs

What is SGSecure?

SGSecure is a national movement to sensitise, train and mobilise our community to play a part to prevent and deal with a terrorist attack. It is how the whole of Singapore can come together in response to the terror threat, and safeguard our way of life.

SGSecure contains three core components, namely:

  • Vigilance: Before an attack, to be able to detect threats and prevent the attack.
  • Cohesion: Build bonds before an attack. When an attack strikes, stand together as a people and do not allow the terrorists to destroy our social fabric.
  • Resilience: Knowing how to protect ourselves and others during an attack, and knowing what to do to help each other to bounce back quickly after an attack.
Why is there a need for SGSecure?
Government's response to the terror threat is not enough given the threat we face today. Every member of the community must do his part by staying alert to ever-present security threats, staying united during peacetime and in crisis, and staying strong to be resilient and bounce back quickly in a crisis.
What is a Prepared Citizen?

A Prepared Citizen is someone who is aware of security threats facing Singapore. He knows how to recognise the signs of suspicious objects and behaviours, and practises neighbourliness and civic-mindedness. He knows how to protect himself and his family.

A Prepared Citizen should be aware of the following:

  1. Understand the seriousness of the terror threat
  2. Know:
    • The importance of staying alert to the threat, and how to recognise suspicious items and behavior
    • The importance of a strong social fabric, and habits that we can practice to build stronger community ties
    • What to do during an attack - "Run, Hide, Tell" and "Press, Tie, Tell"
    • How we can help one another bounce back from an attack
  3. Download and learn to use the SGSecure app
  4. Complete SGSecure e-learning