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Global terrorism is on the rise and Singapore is facing our highest terror threat level from the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

 ISIS’s English-language magazine Dabiq (Sep 2015) lists Singapore as one of the member countries in the anti-ISIS coalition.

 We are an ISIS target, as seen from the August 2016 arrests of individuals in Batam for plotting a rocket attack on Marina Bay. We also face the threat of returning fighters.

 The threat to us is not just from the outside, but from within Singapore too. We have Singaporeans who have gone to Syria to fight for ISIS.


The danger of ISIS lies not just in terror attacks, but also in its propaganda which has the potential to attract and radicalise. 

 It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ we are hit.

Our Security Response


The Home Team has intensified its counter-terrorism measures. Security is being strengthened at buildings and premises, including entertainment centres and shopping centres. Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage has been significantly expanded to allow SPF to better deter, detect and solve crimes.


The Home Team has enhanced its security response to incidents with the setup of Emergency Response Teams (ERTs). These are specially trained officers with counter-assault skills and who can respond quickly to engage the attackers and minimise casualties.



While the Government is fully committed to prevent an attack, it is ultimately the community which needs to fight terrorism on a sustained and long-term basis.


What is SGSECURE? 


SGSecure is our community’s response to the terror threat.


It is a national movement to sensitise, train and mobilise the community to play a part to prevent and deal with a terrorist attack. It is a call to action for everyone to unite and safeguard our way of life. The intent of terrorists is to inject fear and weaken the psychological resilience and social fabric of our society. This is why the cornerstone of our counter-terrorism strategy must be the strengthening of community vigilance, cohesion and resilience. We can all do our part to keep Singapore safe and secure.



The SGSecure response is built on 3 core pillars:

Vigilance, Cohesion and Resilience.

The movement is supported by the Home Team (blue strip), people (red strip) and community (grey strip).

These 3 pillars come together to form the shield that protects Singapore. The shield signifies the strength and tenacity of Singapore society in our fight against terrorism.


The elements in the logo are strategically arranged to resemble the structure of SGSecure -- Our Home Team and the security of our nation is supported by the community and its people.



StayAlertImageSTAY ALERT

Be vigilant, look out for security threats and know how to respond.

Call 999 or SMS ​71999 if you see something suspicious.

Use the SGSecure app to provide information to the authorities.

StayUnitedImageSTAY UNITED

Build strong ties with your community.
In a crisis, stay calm and do not spread rumours.
Resume daily activities as soon as possible.

StayStrongImageSTAY STRONG

Be prepared and know what to do in an emergency.

Know and apply ‘Run, Hide, Tell’, Improvised First Aid Skills and CPR-AED procedure.


Be part of the SGSecure movement. Share these messages with your family, friends, and colleagues.

SGSecure App
Download the SGSecure app to receive important alerts during major emergencies. It will also allow you to seek assistance and provide information to the authorities.

Download other useful apps here.