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  • What is SGSecure?
    Find out more about the SGSecure movement and how you can do your part to prevent and deal with a terrorist attack.
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  • 02_SGSecure app.jpg
    SGSecure App
    ​Click below to go to our Resources page and download the SGSecure App today!
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  • Run, Hide, Tell
    ​​​​​​​​​Know what to do in the event of a firearms or weapons attack.
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  • Improvised First Aid Skills
    ​​​Learn how to use everyday items to stop excessive bleeding during medical emergencies.
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  • Emergency Preparedness Day
    Join us at the next revamped Emergency Preparedness Day to pick up skills to protect your family and friends in the event of an attack.
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Supporting Agencies

SGSecure App
Download the SGSecure app to receive important alerts during major emergencies. It will also allow you to seek assistance and provide information to the authorities.

Download other useful apps here.