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If Singapore experiences a terrorist attack, it is not only about the lives lost and property damaged, but the impact it will have on our way of life.


After major attacks elsewhere in the world, we see rising intolerance towards certain racial or religious groups. This can create divisions and threaten the ties between communitie​​s. The intent of terrorists is precisely that – to inject fear and weaken the psychological resilience and social fabric of our society.





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For The Community


7 Ways to be One United People

You have the power to make your community stronger. Find out how you can make your community united with this simple guide! (This article first appeared in What's Up in Feb 2013.)


SG United Toons

The SG United Toons were created by Miel of The Straits Times. These light-hearted comic strips highlight the importance of communal harmony and the need to be prepared so that we know what to do in a crisis.



For Students and Teachers


Connect! Engage! Prepare! - A Singapore United Activity Book for Upper Primary Students


An Activity Book for students at the Upper Primary level, this explains the basic concepts of racial and religious harmony and emergency preparedness through fun activities and group projects.

Through this activity book, students at the Upper Primary level will Connect with their classmates, friends and family. They will Engage each other, as they learn more about where their friends came from, what languages they speak, and what makes them so special. The students will also need to help Prepare themselves and others so that everyone will stay resilient during an incident or crisis.


The final activity would be to assemble their own Singapore United art piece!


Downloadable Children's Books

A series of storybooks published by the Inter-Religious Harmony Circle (IRHC), for children and anyone who loves to read! These books feature a collection of stories and fables from various religions in Singapore. – Education and Resource Portal
The Education and Resource Portal is great place to find out what makes our multi-cultural and multi-religious Singapore so special! Find out more about the different cultures and religions found in Singapore by clicking here.

For Workplaces


"Celebrating Our Unique Culture" Activity Book

Produced by MOM, this activi​​​​ty book is designed to be a celebration of Singapore's rich cultural diversity.


Featuring various themes, such as folklores and food, traditional costumes and festivals in Singapore, this book gives suggestions on events/activities that companies can organise to promote understanding and respect amongst the employees at the workplace.


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Interested in learning more and getting actively involved? Check out the links below:


Harmony in Diversity Gallery

The Harmony in Diversity Gallery (HDG) is a key platform under the SGSecure movement to strengthen our religious peace and harmony. Find out the importance of seeking common ground to build mutual respect and appreciation for the beliefs of others, and the need to protect and expand our common spaces. Click here to find out more!



People’s Association

The People’s Association (PA) promotes racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. Click here to find out how you can volunteer and help bring your community together. You can also take part in Emergency Preparedness (EP) programmes, which seek to strengthen the understanding and ties between people of different races and religions, impart EP skills and knowledge. Click here to find out how you can contribute to building a safer and more resilient community.


You can also take part in “Our Blocks Rock!” which is a racial harmony celebration to build trust and friendship in the neighbourhoods. Communal are converted into hip and vibrant places where everyone can gather over food and learn more about each other’s cultures. Find out more about “Our Blocks Rock!” by clicking here. promotes racial harmony and spearheads programmes and initiatives to bring the different ethnic communities together. Its youth driven initiatives foster an appreciation for diversity and nurture cross-cultural exchanges. Click here to find out more about how to volunteer.



 Harmony Fund

The Harmony Fund supports creative projects that promote racial and religious harmony in Singapore. Non-profit organisations can submit proposals to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). Find out more here.



HDB Community

Find out what’s happening in your HDB neighbourhood and how to play an active role in your community. Take part in activities and programmes to bond with neighbours, or learn about the new ways you can use and enjoy communal spaces. Click here to find out more!​​


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